• “Life Without Life: The Edge of the Gulf” and “Deep East” – 
Feature Programs for Ecology Channel, 2001
  • “Cinema Secrets” – Feature for American Movie Classics, 2001
  • “Space Medicine” and “Parallel LinesFeature programs for The Discovery Channel, 2000
  • “Earth Rescue” – Series forOutdoor Life Network, 1998 – 2000
  • “Water for Arid Regions” 2000 -
Co-Production for Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian Television for World Water Day
  • “EcoView” – Series forThe Ecology Channel, 1997 – 1999
  • “The Last Days” – 
Produced by Steven Spielberg. Winner Academy Award Best Feature Documentary, 1998
  • “Rainforests: Proving Their Worth” – PBS, 1990
  • “Soviet Conceptual Art” and “The Situationists” – 
Experimental documentary series for Institute of Contemporary Art Boston & London, 1990
  • “Mashpee” PBS – American Film Festival, Native American Film Festival, 1985
  • “Lulu in Berlin” 16mm film – PBS, German, British and Australian television, 1983
  • “Eight Minutes to Midnight”16mm – Academy award nominee Best Feature Documentary, 1982

Music Video

  • “Walden Woods” 35mm – Produced by Don Henley (MTV, ABC, NBC), 1990 
“The Grateful Dead: Benefit Concert to Save the Rainforest” – Madison Square Garden , 1988
  • “The Go-Go’s” 35mm – A&M Records, 1983


  • The Poets’ Theatre of Cambridge, MA. – 
Series with Allen Ginsberg, Bill Murray, Christopher Reeve, Debra Winger, 1989-1993
  • “Under Milkwood” – 
Adapted for television with The Dylan Thomas Society of Great Britain, 1991
  • “If I Could Read” – 
National Board of Library Commissioners, dramatic series about adult illiteracy, 1989
  • “Prisoners of Childhood” – Four part dramatic series for Channel Four, London, U.K., 1988-1989
  • Alan Landsburg Productions – Los Angeles , CA , 1984


National Commercial Spots for AT&T Broadband (Digital Telephone service and Company Image Campaign) 2002–2003
NHK-Japanese TV, Digital Equipment Corp., PBS Nightly Business Report and McNeil Lehrer Report, CBS News, Boeing, and IBM, 1984-1987
Other clients include: Convergent Media Systems: Producer of marketing tapes for Digital Equipment Corp. TV Mexico, RTE Irish TV, The Disney Channel, The Times Mirror Company, Mass. Board of Education, Oxfam and Amnesty International, The City of Boston, Massachusetts College of Art, The French Library, The Goethe Institute, Battery March Financial Mgt., Commercial Union Insurance, NYNEX, Met Life., Staples,

News/Public Affairs

  • C-SPAN Cable Network – All New England events for international broadcastsince 1986. Extensive, live election coverage for The Road to the White House series 1988-2005. Producer for American Perspectivesand BookTV.
  • Survivors of the Shoah” Visual History Foundation – Documented nearly 100 testimonials of Holocaust survivors, 1995 – 2001
  • Nelson Mandela at Harvard University” – Live, world-wide broadcast, 1999
  • “Conversations on Health” with Marvin Kalb – The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation 1993, Four half hour programs aired nationally with Clinton health policy announcement.
  • TV Belgrade – Yugoslavia, series of magazine pieces, 1989 – 1991
  • “AIDS and Adolescents: A Frank Discussion” – The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, 1989
  • “The Environmental News” – WNYC PBS New York, 1987-1993
  • ” America at Thanksgiving” – PBSLive, national, interactive broadcast, 1980

Interactive Video

  • “Berlex” Mirror Systems, Inc. – Created entirely with computer animation and digital effects, 1988
  • “Visage” – Demonstrated uses of interactive disc, 1984
  • “Atomic Castle” and “Pitchman” – Games featuring pioneering digital effects and methodologies, 1984